What makes you smile? #SpreadingSmile

What makes you smile?

This article is for those who remind me that the world isn’t such a bad place

Ok! I can’t promise that these article and videos hold all the secret to a happier world. I don’t know the way to make you (or anyone) smile. I wish I could! I am not a psychologist or a scientist or somebody who has gone through all experiences of life and become an expert on this. I am just somebody who was a little bit sad one time and decided to do something about it for myself more than anybody else.

On the very first day of my personality development class, Mrs. Ann Marie Cardoza showed a video to the whole class regarding a topic which just pumped up my endorphins and dopamine and got me hooked up till now and forever. Its title is #HappinessProject- what makes you happy?

I wanted to do something like this since time immemorial but never had the guts or equipment (which I still don’t have). I tried my best, but all the efforts were futile because of my shy and introvert nature. Time did pass away, but the gush caused in me was now uncontrollable.

As soon as I started basic video editing, this was a dream project (It still is). Now with just a little knowledge and support from friends (especially Palak, who felt as high as me about this video project), I have been able to get a glimpse of what I really wanted to do. I don’t want to sound too melodramatic, but this piece of time gave me heaps of happiness, hope and love. In turn, it had the same exact effect on so many people that I could have imagined.

I and Palak went through various streets of Windsor city and ask a question with four golden words and got an answer with words beyond any price. We met various strangers (More than 60, I guess) who opened-up to us, it was difficult at first but then it was just a zing! The whole experience just opened-up my eyes to the people who had been cracked and glued back together many times and people who were imperfect but absolutely wonderful and magic.

Now I find myself “helping out” others whenever I go out. With “Helping out others”, I meant something as simple as a smile or helping someone in holding the gate when entering a café or holding a luggage, asking a homeless person if they want some food. These are TINY-almost insignificant in the grand scheme of everything.

I believe that if we all did more of these tiny, almost insignificant things, the world (or few people’s worlds) would a much happier place. We can’t change huge global problems-we don’t get much to say in the big decisions made by our town or by the government, but we can control and have a say how we treat others on daily basis.

This article is a generous reminder that kindness persists in abundance, that there are strangers helping other strangers every single day, in all corners of the planet and you and I can be a part of that. #SpreadingSmile is a campaign which aims at freeing yourself from entangled life due to pressures and stresses of life. All you got to do is write down (I prefer saying pen down though) various small things which give you sheer treasure and you don’t have to look up your cellphones and laptops while engaging in these. These are the moments which are immeasurable, and no power or money can buy them.

What I mean to say is that ” You have the ability to change the world, one random act of kindness at a time…how good is that?”

So, whether this post is your therapy or little companion to remind you that you’re not alone and something to pass the time of day, I hope that it brings just a  tiny bit of happiness, consideration and kindness to those around you.


We’re going to have the most magical time.
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