Wander Diaries 101- Trip to Kodaikanal

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Rejuvenate at the Princess of Hill Station-Koidaikanal



As the final year of college approaches the countdown begins. Your entire college life flashes in front of you—the opportunities you missed, the chances you didn’t take and you fear wasting the little time that is left. You desperately want to make each and every moment count. Such was the time when we decided to go to the princess of hill station- Kodaikanal. For any North Indian who is habitual to Uttrakhand hill station, this name sounds a bit scary. No doubt it doesn’t have winter sports like Manali or rich history like that of Shimla, yet it has everything which can make you fall in love with this wonder.(I am not just talking about the MAGIC MUSHROOMS winks). It truly stands out its meaning which is Gift of Forest in Tamil.

What moves you can move you
A good view, coffee, and a good company are all you need in the hustle bustle of life.

The expedition to this pretty place started from Chennai via a bus. Just after reaching, we head to our hotel- La Flora Highland Paradise Resort booked from booking.com app (It is not a paid post, I am just sharing my experience). After refreshing, lots of talking and getting the know-how of place, we decided to take a cab from the hotel itself. A 3-day wander shit was planned. The view from the hotel was just breathtaking and the place had a mesmerizing aura which one can never forget. Generally, it is recommended to stay at Vattakanal (a village just 3 km away from Kodaikanal) which is cheaper as well as provides a mind-blowing view of nature.


Nature at its best


Listen to what they want to say..sometimes silence has more words.
Feel the wind, kiss the sky and do what people say is beyond their thoughts


Places you can’t miss:
  • Coaker’s Walk: This venue is totally cinematic and we came at peak season time and our tryst with Kodaikanal (Kodai in short) started with this vantage point. You can go there for a long walk with your friends clicking beautiful pictures of landscape and hills. Don’t forget to have sturdy and strong shoes because of long walks.
Entering The Coaker’s Walk…Definitely a Cake Walk *wink*
Picturesque View
You call it a landscape…I call it a reality escape


  •  Pillar Rock: This is a place where you will fall for heights. I mean you will be surprised at watching the amazing serenity of heightened mountain standing straight in the shape of a pillar where clouds and sun played hide and seek which glorified its beauty. Along with that we also visited Guan Caves, Moir point, lake viewpoint and Green Valley(Suicide Point)
Pillar Rock Viewpoint


  • Pine forest: The beautiful Pine trees surrounded area consisted of a forest area. This place was total fun. It had umpteen spots for clicking photos and Instagram boomerang. The soothing chilled weather just added to the flavour.
    We even saw a Bison on the way. They are friendly and don’t attack on roads. The best part was the Maggie point outside the forest where we tasted the Maggie of heaven (It tastes the best in hill stations) and “BHEL-POORI”.
The Pine Forest
This is not happening…


  • Kodai Lake: Now comes the turn of the spot Winding ways up the hills, morning glories peeking with every shade of blue, pink and white and the mist enclosing the undulating hills- that’s the lake I knew
    You can run, sail or even talk to air. This is a paradise for bicycling, boating, fishing and just lazying around. 
Kodai Lake
The mesmerizing view
A walk to remember…
A ride to remember
  • ignore the traffic
    • Berijam Lake: Okay, You have to take forest department’s permission to get an access to go this area. It has a peaceful and serene environment which mesmerize by its ambiance. It is always flooded with tourists of different places and serves as the best stress relieving location.
      Berijam lake
      Don’t forget to Smile for what made you happy
      Cloud out what you need not in life
      The Lake



    • Vattakanal Trek: This was the most entertaining, adventurous and maiden trek of mine on rough mountains. First of all, this place is also called “Little Israel” and hippies island. It is located about 3 km away from Kodai and proudly possesses one of the best cafes- Altaf Café. Now the trek contains various vantage points and a lot of eateries and the best coffee of the world. This place can never disappoint anyone except old aged people and people who are lazy to climb hills.
      The Forest

      Mountain View

      I am nothing without you- Me to filter coffee


    • Dolphin Nose, Echo Point and Difference Rock : Digging deep and going down and down during the Vattakanal Trek, you will be lucky enough and will find these places. Each one is astonishing in its own way and the trees, caves, chasms with the outline of rocks can make you feel out of this world.
      Dolphin Nose
      The more you will se, the more you will fall in love
      Epicness at its height


      Leg day workout
      When you can’t find network, try this trick
      If this doesn’t attract you, just get a new life.
      Go Pro


    • Pambar falls and Lion Cave: This implausible land is another desire come true painting coming magically live in front of your eyes adding a cascading effect to the eyes. This is kind of deep jungle. Though it rained a lot but we managed to record the whole scenery with our eyes at that time.
    Lion Cave


    • Recreation- Ice Skating: All is well when the end is well, we saved the best moment to be enjoyed thoroughly at the end of the trip and this plan was made after a lot of fights and struggle but after this everybody was on cloud 9 and the skating ring just became an unforgettable and impeccable part of our life. This journey is part of the little moment we share and in this moment we are infinity.

      Live the moments and make memories till eternity
    • Solar Observatory: If you are a big bang theory lover then this is something you can’t miss. The huge telescope and fascinating equipment can just blow your mind. The only sad part was that mobile phones were not allowed so could not take pictures but the experience is worth going and you will not regret going there.


    A one-day camping and bonfire are highly recommended.

    Thanks for tuning in.

    I hope this article makes you as high as the magical mushrooms of this place would.
    much love


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