My First Virtual Achievement| Liebster Award|


In the world beyond; where fairy tales are true and your achievement is just your achievement and not other’s loss, also known as “blogosphere”,  lies a beautiful networking and bond building award called “LIEBSTER AWARD.”

It’s an honor to announce this great news to all of my avid readers. By the way Liebster, in German means “Dearest” and getting this mesmerizing term to our blog site gives it a homely, warm and ecstasy feeling. The person I really admire and want to thank is SONIYA AGGARWAL, proud owner of Telling Unsaid .She is a wonderful lifestyle blogger and you can find many witty blogs related to relationships goals, issues, experiences, etc. Sharing is Caring after all! This is the quote of life she adheres to.

Not only this but whatever she writes, or types(here, in case), she just puts her heart and soul into it and her blog site is a breathtaking evidence of it. In the recent blog about friendship, she took the world in a different dimension and made us realize that how much important is to have peers in our life. you can check this POST here.


What is it?

Coming back to the niche, “Liebster Award 2017”- It is a virtual award which is passed on to a blogger to other bloggers. The basic idea is to build connections and appreciate the beauty of networking. Of course, it also helps to promote the blogger community. This is a “Global Aussie Liebster Award” which exists only on the internet which is given to a blogger by other follower bloggers. It was started in 2011 and has gained attention from all over the world. Wow! sounds fascinating, right?

Liebster Blog<3

You have to answer few questions about yourself and prove your selfless love to the Blogging world through your words. To spread this buttery love, you have to nominate other bloggers who just jam in your mind and heart or in other words, selecting the deserving bloggers through your posts or thread posts.

Click here to know more about The Global Aussie Liebster Award 2017 and bust the jargons.


About Me:)

Well, here is a snippet info about me so that we can glue this beautiful bond and connect with each other as “Liebster<3”. {About Me}

1. My name is Harminder Singh-a 22 years old B. Tech Mechanical & a professional procrastinator who has fallen in love with words and poetry.

2. I am a self-diagnosed bibliophile and cinephile sapiosexual who loves art in every form.

3. My obsession quenches my thirst to write and travel (even if it’s from my bed to the couch).

4. My goals are to fill my bio with titles that don’t fit the 150 characters’ limit.

5. Traveler, story-teller, comedian(because my mom says so ), content writer, video editor and social media marketer and many more adjectives will define me one day. So far, I have checked blogger off the list.

6. You can find me binge watching Ted talks on YouTube or my nose buried deep in the world of fiction and comedy.

7. I am a social media addict person and don’t miss a chance to talk to anyone.

8. I am quite famous or notorious (you can say) for stretching conversations {*winks*}

9. I am very bad with remembering names. (Something I think which can bring shame to my family…..hahaha just Kidding, It’s just with someone I meet quite frequently and suddenly stop meeting. But I am good with remembering faces though.

10. Want to talk about tv series like Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sherlock, Narcos, and dozens of other sitcoms? Or maybe you want someone to listen to you?

You can definitely ping me!



So here are the answers to the question asked by Soniya Aggarwal, my confidant nominator:


1. What made you a blogger?

It was a happy accident, I guess. I have never liked reading or writing but it was a random expression of writing which I started on Facebook for wishing my relatives and friends on their bdays. From that moment only, the storm of writing grew and became a hurricane. The mind-boggling addiction of writing made me research for days and nights about blogging. I saw like zillion videos on youtube and that gave me a boost to develop this hobby as a something bigger.

2. An Ice-Cream; on a Summer or a Winter Day? And Why?

An ice cream is constant -Be it summer or winters. But yes, eating in winters sounds quite adventurous to me. So I would go for Winters if it is a do-die situation.

3. What part of this world do you Wish to Travel at first in your future? And Why?

Travelling is the adrenaline rush to my body and will always love to go to all types of places be it- Plains, village, mountains, desert and what not. But so far Budapest, Hungary is on my bucket list followed by Munar, India. The reason being that they have an enchanting location and the natural and man-made beauty of these places are more than what words can depict.

4. A New Life / Birth is also an End. How?

Okay, this quite a bit mature question for me but yes I do agree with this statement as every action has an equal and opposite reaction and I believe that a new life is an end and vice versa is there too. Sometimes, if you adopt new habits, you regardless of any situation have to quit your bad habits and only in this way your “Karma”  will balance out.

5. What quality in you, you feel, got you Nominated for this Award??

Umm, First of all, It’s the most exciting moment of my life. Trust me, I am on the seventh sky, cloud 9 and maybe in a new galaxy of ecstasy and  I think that my dedication and love for writing made me capable of getting nominated for the award. Or maybe It’s because of the fancy name of my website….lol

6.  A Blessing! Mention any five kinds of blessings we generally pray for “others”.

Blessings mean getting favour from “Rabb” or God and a prayer is an act of faith. We generally pray for “good health, prosperity, sound financial support, lovable or “liebster” life- partner and happiness” for others.

7. What do you prefer? A Four-wheeler or a Two-wheeler on a Rainy / Cold day? And Why?

A Two-wheeler on a Rainy day, call me crazy but I like rains and doing rain dance even more. I as well as my sister never miss a chance to play in rain since a young age and we sometimes throw buckets of water on each other, play and tease each other in every way we can.

8. Share that one situation when you would do anything but, Write?
Aah….there are numerous ones. See, after when my storm of writing became a hurricane, I started writing journals/diaries of how I feel. The best and saddest moments of life to be recorded in it.  So, in times of going out a different place, meeting new people and doing some adventurous activity would make me go insane until I don’t write them in some special place other than memories.

9. An Apartment or a 5-Star Holiday on a Vacation?

A good company and an amazing experience of the vacation is more important than living in a 5-star. So, apartments go best for me. But it does not mean that I hate 5 Stars.

10. Wooah! Share an Experience which made you felt like this. (A Banana ride in Goa (India) made me feel like this, considering “deep water” is my biggest fear)?
Yes, conquering fears gives a swish to your life and it is indeed an important phase of life. It was a few years back when I went to Manali, India and performed various adventure sports activities like River rafting, River crossing on a belt and many more but the time I went for Paragliding, the fear of height just made me realize how coward I was. However, after some time, I started feeling like a bird and the Acrophobia was gone for that moment and that was the time I felt Wooah!

11. Did you google anything to frame any of your answers for the questions given above? If Yes, for which question and Why?

This question is fun. But I will be honest and admit that every blog needs deep research and hit & trial experiments because no one is perfect. And I know that you, too are a big fan of google but having said that I just took out necessary details of Liebster award and just the 6th question related to blessing, as I was short of words( I know, it sounds easy but thinking about it took me a while so I decided  to google & write…still I gave it my own flavour.


Presenting the NOMINEES

Moving forward to my further Nominations for this Award… Since, I already mentioned that you get to “pass it on” and “share the love”, below are the Blogs / Bloggers I nominate for this Award:

  1. -(Precious Oluwafayegbami Adekunjo)
  2. (Alexander Popkov )
  3. -(Meaghan McCann Dawson)
  4. Colbourne)
  5. -(Derek Hartman)
  6. -(Dayna Lynn Fortin)
  7. -(Tori Carroll )
  8. Mahesh)
  9. Opata)
  10. (Siya Shrabanti)

Dear Nominees, please find below the questions you got to answer in your respective posts:

1. What do you enjoy most about Blogging?

2. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?

3. What/Who inspires you to travel this world?

4. What is that one post made by someone else (other than you, of course) that you like the most, and why?

5. What do you like; Fiction/Non-Fiction and why?

6. What do you find most challenging about blogging?

7. If you have a book you re-read often, what is it? If not, what’s your favorite book?

8. Tell about any life-hack that changed your life or the one you find most fascinating.

9. What quality in you, you feel, got you Nominated for this Award? (I assure I am going to Agree / Disagree with your Answer(s) in the comment section of your respective post(s))

10. Do you have any phobia? If yes, What is it and how do you face it or tackle it?

11. Describe any embarrassing moment of your life and how did you take it?

Heartily Congratulations to all those who have been nominated to join the race to win this Award! 

Please follow this Link to know all about the Procedure & Rules to be followed to Accept the aforesaid Nomination.

Before the closure, I would love to Thank Soniya Aggarwal once again, who has given me this opportunity and recognized my work.

Best Wishes to all the fellow Nominees!

Good Luck to all those who aspire to give more to this platform by their writing skills! One fine day, all of this will make sense and at that time you will be laughing at your problems.

Those who wish to know anything else, or those who have their own Blogs, please share your URLs in the comment section, I would love to respond and visit your talent

Thanks for tuning in!

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