One for the Kitchen and One for the Soul

ONE for the Kitchen and ONE for the Soul

“The best way to live the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams Today, in every little way that you possibly can”

                                                                                                 – Mike Dooley


Let me ask you some questions. “Do you like what you are doing for living?”

“Are You happy with your current boring and tedious job which includes doing some boring stuff ?”

If your answer is yes, it is because of the reason you  have negotiated with this life and moved on with the deal. And I am not saying that it is wrong. It is the source of your income that runs your kitchen and feed your bellies. It is the funding to your as well as your family’s education and well- being. One cannot just ignore the fact that it is the reward which is earned for all the hard work done physically as well as mentally by our bloodlines as well as friends.

If you think no, this is because you think you are passionate, you know the following questions: What is the right food for your soul? What is the thing which drives you insane? What is the extent of sacrifices you can do to satisfy this yearning?

The direction does not choose you, you choose the direction

Okay, this is not a show-off stuff or provides a practical solution to monetary problems we face in our country. But this is something artistic, this is something we can just feel. Now I want to ask you one more question.

“Are you ambitious?”

Yes !

Yess !!

Yesss !!!

I think the majority, or maybe all of you will go for a yes,

*Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing??

Good thing, right!!

 Of Course it is something individualistic & selfish, it helps you achieve your goals. Now think it for a moment: Many People you see are doing something for the society, they are not doing for their individual growth, they are looking at making and developing our nation and world a better place, Maybe you would not know.But the fact is you and I, as a generation are very selfish.

This question might not come to your mind right now as you are just passing the phase, but later on when you will do the profession you REALLY like, you will think, “Hey. I guess this is what I want. This is the reason I am ambitious but isn’t it selfish?” But when this question arises, which it will, know the answer is that even though ambition is selfish, you are going to do some collateral advantages for other people. Your ambition is going to drive other people to be more ambitious which will lead to the further development of not just the country but the world as a whole.

I am ambitious and have a goal. My goal for today is reaching out to you.Don’t dream money, Don’t dream fame- it’s not a genie. It won’t come to you.Don’t dream to become a C.E.O., Dream to become THE  C.E.O. of the company that you want.In short, be specific. Be Particular. Now, you can see my goal for today is specific, I will follow each and every footstep to get there.

It is also said that if you keep doing one thing for long enough, you become good at it. And if you are good at something never do it for free.(The Dark Knight)


With your skill, you create a market for yourself and money will follow the skill you possess.

*This whole content is percept of one of the TED talks of Abish Mathew(Stand Up Comedian)

Now coming back to the pavilion, if you are in the struggling stage, you should follow this simple idiom: ONE FOR THE KITCHEN AND ONE FOR THE SOUL.

If you are an amateur artist, you have to live at a meager income status to live your life. So it’s better to do some alternate job to help fund your living as well as passion.

One for the kitchen and one for the soul. This might sound non-glorious story which no one is going to talk about. Nobody is going to talk about what you did for kitchen, what you did for your passion will only be reflected. You will have to make some sacrifices because you do have responsibilities and family to look upon and be answerable to them.

One can achieve anything by feeding his belly as well as on’s soul

To sum up, it’s the creativity and diligence blend which is the requisite of a successful lifestyle which can feed our bellies as well as soul. We have to dream specific, know our responsibilities, being more creative than a doer. In order to step on the planet you want to live, you have to experience all the planets and the suns.









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