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When Lassi Met Maple Syrup

Lassi= Traditional Drink of Punjab
Maple Syrup= Speciality of Canada

There are certain times when you have to take a leap of faith. And those moments might be a bit of unconventional and totally off-beat. All you have is a positive hope of things getting better, but if they don’t, you take another one until the time you and your boggling mind is satisfied.

I, as you can think of, happened to be the victim of such phenomenon. At first, moving to a different state and now, moving to a different country.


Not going to lie, I have been extremely aggressive and obnoxious lately when it comes to my never-ending education! This time, it was diving the Great Barrier of Masters In engineering at the University of Windsor in Canada. Well,if you are done with your high school and wanna apply for further or higher studies in Canada, I have got plenty of tips for you.


So, to sum up-I am in none other than Canada, a multicultural country which boasts of its special maple syrup as well as being a second home to Punjabis –(Natives of Punjab State of India)

Before moving further, a question arises every now and then about the dense population of Punjabis in Canada  

Here is the reason why they are immensely and densely in love with this place.


Indians started moving to Canada in the early 20th century. They were primarily Sikhs from Punjab and were veterans of the British Army. Both India and Canada were the colonies of the British Empire and after retiring from the British army, many soldiers found that the pension they were getting was smaller as compared to their earning potential in Canada and chose to stay, instead of returning to India. Initially, they had to confront racism, but today they have assimilated within the population and secured prominent positions throughout the political and economic spectrum.


Source: http://globaltree.co.in/blog/Indians-in-Canada-371

Back to Basics


It was just an August evening drenched in drizzle when my mind and heart had a parliament meeting with me about this issue and that was it(I mean, there were many times but this part was significant). It was hard 9-month process of getting the desired result as per need and situation.

‘Post-After college math’ helps you a lot in understanding life equations and solving the variables by choosing a suitable constant. So, moving out process had not been a giant puzzle for me.

Anyways there are things that you gotta start from the scratch. Here are tips for any international students who are planning to study in Canada:


1=> Beware of 3 W’s:

This is something you will hear from everywhere when you come here. The three W’s stands for Work, Weather and Women. Yes, this threesome is not much of awesome as they are unreliable, unpredictable and unsure. You might have to stay jobless for an umpteen time as well as face the mood swings of umm… let’s not even talk about women for now. Because you guys must have assumed all of it. <On the contrary, I have not faced any problem with this species yet giggles>

Beware of 3 W's
Beware of 3 W’s


2=>Make love with your cooker:

Before coming here, it is very essential, I repeat, very essential that you know some basic cooking because only the indigenous food of your own country can satisfy the hunger. Many, many dishes (mainly, Indian) can be cooked in a cooker. Or you can opt a tiffin service which, I mean, is great but still money saved is money earned. So watch out for that also.

The Gateway to Yourself
The Gateway to Yourself
You can love the cars, the nature and the almighty too
You can love the cars, nature and the almighty too
3=> Mingle till you are single:

I am not just talking about love relationships. But while riding a bus, sitting in a park, typing in a room, walking a street or doing anything, make sure to talk and build some connections. Be social. Even if you are introvert, how will you know if the other one is too? Small but productive talk can fetch you good peers, social invitations or maybe a date with an awesome person. Not to forget, don’t forget to include the three magical words in your dictionary-<Nah, it is not “I love pizza”> They are- Sorry, Thank-You and Greetings.

Mingle Till you are Single
You are social in a way that even your introvert mind has no idea.



4=> Be a Global Citizen:

The Earth is revolving not just for you, but for every single living entity in the universe. Be a global citizen and respect every person, no matter how small or big they are to you. Be gentle with every animal too. Just like- I saw a bus driver stopping the bus and trying to navigate a geese family to cross the road and then coming back to his business. Love what you do but not at cost of others and abide by laws every time. At the same time, save resources, avoid wastage and learn to fit in.

Your gestures define you
Your gestures define you


5=> Know the know-how:

Unlike Hollywood movies, the people don’t just drink and party but having a party at night might represent a full family dinner or a barbeque. Using Google maps and basic internet is a must for all or you could be lost in this place and your assignments respectively. Talking about buses, you have to give a request to stop at your destination by pulling a signal cord( It is a rope like a thing hanging around the windows). Need clarity- check the 3rd step of part 3- Riding and Getting Off the bus in this link


Because sky is the limit
Because the sky is the limit
If you can win in mind, then you have already won.
If you can win in mind, then you have already won.


A toast to the future


In the end, I wanna say that “All that shines is not a diamond”. Whatever I am saying must be quite luminous and might give you “ wanna try that” attitude. But it is not so and there are huge hardships that immigrants and their parents have to face. You might have a fancy degree from the fancy college in your country but here you gotta build everything from scratch. Many opt to go back too but there lie a few brave hearts who go out and reach the skies, writing new stories of success and leading happy and joyous life.


A Yawn is a silent scream for coffee
A Yawn is a silent scream for coffee



I know it is kind of long and tedious to read but if you have reached here, then you know it all!

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Till the next time. Ciao.

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