Graduation Serendipity Returns- Another Goodbye Ode

Graduation Serendipity returns- Another Goodbye Ode

Hey there grads, finally it’s done and dusted.

The harrowing, incomplete transaction has been made.
A scenario of communion had taken place.
A rebonding of soulmates we made in 4 years had just happened & I really want to congratulate all of you who were there, not there as well as those who were not able to get it. Whatever be the position, you all are close to my heart and part of this beautiful endeavour.

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Many of you came while many cherished spirits were missed. All and all, it was a moment of reliving the past, reviving the dead and incarnation of a new start. The so-called CONVOCATION- it’s just for the name, but for us, it was a Reunion- may be the last meeting.

I had lived a very Ambivert life from a life full of Bromantic drama (Yes, I am from the mechanical branch ) to a Swaggy Casanova (Still, I am from the Mechanical branch). But the journey was a bit what made me realize who I have become from a “No one” to the so-called “Degree Holder.” Everybody explains the whole series in their own way and criteria which has really made the words come out and speak a story about themselves.

Everyone came, hugged, drank pint and pints of beer, met loved ones, stayed and booked in outer places, some lived with their juniors. All connections were worked out again, the smoke of cigarette was no more harmful to lungs. The whiskey was no more a foe of the liver. The hearts were beating in slow motion whose each hertz of sound was saying something. Dipping toes into adulthood was the least we wanted in our lives. Just the alcohol and deep talks were all we sought. A break and a pause button were all we sought.

A glimpse of my social media freak friends who showed their rants and emotions on various social media sites and posts:

Some expressed their wit-bits and feelings using pen (text) and their hearts.


@Paras Garg


@Prachi Jain

Some bursted into tears of happiness and re-explored the moments of adulthood cherishing each others company.

@Sreya Sreenivas


@Oyeli Bagchi

Some left their imprints in the aura pollinating the moments from old memories to the new ones.

@Humsheer Sandhu

Few celebrated their years of friendship and cheers on little things which have now become big things.

@PranaySingh Bhasin


@Shashwat Jain


@Vivek Jha


@Amar Mishra

Sometimes words speak more than actions and this pic says and slays it all.

@Ashutosh Kumar


@Divyajeet Singh


@Mayank Aggarwal
@Navneet Bhardawaj


@Sukanya Banerjee


@Manali Ghosh
@Elga Morrison

The one thing that is merrier than this day is seeing your family happy because of your accomplishments…
Some relationships can’t be just described with words. These just exist in our little infinity and beautiful basket of moments. The best feeling in the world is when your sibling is happy because you are happy and that is best tonic you can get.

@Munna Bhargav

Problem shared is problem halved while happiness shared is happiness doubled and such is the epic togetherness of a mother and a son. What we are, what we can become is what our parents prepare us for and this piece of picture of Mumma-Beta in the cake of graduation is the most delicious one.


@Kartik Mittal

All in all more than graduation, it is the experience that stays, it is the friendship we nurture, It is the love and bond we create which stays forever and ever. Let the plethora of rubber bands attach all these souls once and for all as you are now a part of me bewildering into the maze of emotions.

All of you have shaped and casted me in many ways. Some of you are going to be at my wedding. Some of you are gonna be godparents or even God grandparents of my children. Some of you will fade away from my life slowly and slowly not because you want it but because life will get in the way. Some of you, I will never see again after I walk away from this place.

But all of you have left a mark on me.

Now I don’t feel regret that you happened, I don’t feel that I have any complaints about my life, I don’t feel bad about my second family-my support system. The Chai (tea), the long talks, the chitter-chatter, the coffee, the mimicry of teachers and the insanity of hostels- we have it all, we have it in our memories, we have it in our own little memory jar of infinity. You guys are the best accident that occurred to me-a pure serendipity.

Thanks for tuning in!

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