A New Definition of Fashion-Seerat 18

A new kind of fashion era. A future that calls for real pioneers. A future that is intelligent, connected and exciting. Because the world is more than just outer beauty. Presenting you Seerat, a global fashion platform which showcases the latest innovation and design blended with traditional tailoring/craftsmanship to create a new take on an everyday wardrobe enhancing its “inner beauty” which is what the whole essence of SEERAT stands for.

Seerat Logo
Seerat Logo


Seerat encompasses more than catwalk glam, buzzing front rows and schmoozing as the label of fashion would suggest. It is more of a message to masses than a fashion statement. The event happened on 9th September 2018 from 12:00 p.m. at Galaxy Grand convention with lots of zest and zeal. Its concept reveals the untold story of real glamour which lies in your inner-self. Its uniqueness is what makes it different from any other fashion show. Ramp-walk by “Bijian” aka the grandma and “Laadlian” aka grand-daughters was the limelight of this event.

Ramp Walk by Grandmas and Granddaughters
Ramp Walk by Grandmas and Granddaughters


The- change bringers
The Avengers

I was lucky enough to witness the mind-boggling, classy and sassy event which just taught me more than anything could. I helped the team of Seerat in producing its write-up. Its concept and format were what made its write-up challenging. I had fun and frolic designing and creating a template for it.

Dream come true
Dream come true



The unputdownables
The unputdownables
Love at first sight
Love at first sight

Fashion is a pendulum which swings from one side to the other. From talented designers across the globe and incomparable high fashion creations, SEERAT is a fashion-forward event at its best. Marking a new chapter in the world, Seerat’s format just created waves in Canada and beyond. Many fashion and entertainment tycoons were part of this event ranging from jewellery and clothing designer to high-end photographers and media partners. Many of the associated brands were:

*Kesaj Couture

*Your Entourage

*Neha Modgil Photography

*Design Studio 2311

*The Pen Slave

*Safah Snaps

*Crabtree and Evelyn

*Vishal Trivedi

*Mortgage Innovators

*McQueen Clinic

*Radio Muskaan

*Galaxy Grand

*Dinesh Ramsay

*Sweet Creations

*Mutiaar Hub

*Naze Henna

*Doll House Creations


*The Mental Health Spotlight

*Match for Marrow

*PTC Punjabi

*Nav studios

*The Decor Dolls

*National Institute

Following it was a launch of Seerat Magazine which included all the major works and accomplishments of the brands associated. My award-winning article on separation of college-mates is also mentioned there.

To follow more of it, check out its glimpses here

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The evolution of fast fashion, a strong community of bloggers and the social media razzmatazz can turn every novelty stale in a matter of days but what definition you give to it matters the most. Fashion, I believe, is here to stay—but what will matter most is how will it be defined.


I thank Seerat and its team (especially, Anand Gandhi) for all what it has done for me and hope good wishes for their upcoming endeavors.


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