10 signs if this year is really your Happy NEW YEAR

10 Signs If this year is really your HAPPY NEW YEAR

A new beginning…

Well yes 2017 has ended up for us on various terms. Some had a terrible breakup while some gonna cherish each glorious days of affair. But there are many who don’t know or are still in queue and wondering if it was worth for what happened or not.

We still believe in fancy princely charming hush hush fairy tales where you will get money, honey and days which are just sunny. But altogether it is not the destination for which we strive in, it is the journey to that holy-grail which matters.


Trust me, it either ends up spending unnecessary gym fees or makes you feel more and more single or strengthen the process of quitting drinking and smoking. Think each day as a 1st of Jan, make more and more short term goals. Hustle for it, strive for it until you achieve 1% of it. Rest 99% will come automatically. I have been there and you can check my 1st blog on new year resolution. 

I hope till now you will be fed up with new-year wishes and copy paste messages of greeting and welcoming the following year. (Well, It’s just that 7 gonna be replaced by 8 and everything remains the same) What really matters if you (yes, you!) have changed and felt certain transformations which define you. This article is especially for millennials. Presenting you the various signs which showed that it is definitely a Happy New Year:

  1. Reduce Over-thinking: This is the best lesson one can learn but not many are able to crack the code to merry life. I know it is tough to stop it but if you are able to control your overthinking stratum, then you definitely can celebrate your new year as now you can avoid many problems and complexities of relationships.

    Reduce overthinking
  2. All friends are not real friends: Yes definitely, this sounds cliché but time and again, many people get trapped in web of mock friendship. If you have brought the change, you may know that not every entry of friend is a blessing and many just come to use you. Managing your Real-friend list is essential.

    All friends are not real friends
  3. Love is permanent but not the person: Today in grimace world of social media and of course overpopulation, we see, meet and even follow new faces with whom we start making Tuscani wedding plans but what we really forget here is that real love is what comes from parents. We should cherish and respect them and their decisions for us. Here, my friend you have achieved a legit new year.

    Love is permanent but not the person
  4. Don’t wait for anything, work for it: Success is not a commodity. It won’t come to you directly, you have to work it out and plan for it. Make necessary short term goals, be specific and it will kiss your cheeks. Gone are the days of day-dreaming. And hell yes, if done with it then you have unlocked another New Year milestone.

    Don’t wait for anything, work for it
  5. Manipulate your addiction: To fly in sky, you have to learn to play with the wind. Excess of anything is wrong, but using it productively can help you out. There is nothing wrong in being old-school, enhance your creativity. Reduce your mobile phone usage. Take vacations and feel the peace. That’s what a New Year sign look like.

    Manipulate your Addiction
  6. Fewer people, more happy. More people, more bullshit: Grass always remains greener on the opposite side. Partying with many friends can never replace the moment of messing in trouble with few friends. That’s what no one can deny as filtering people and friends in life helps you stay away from higher negativity and brings out the creative version of you.

    Fewer people more happy
  7. Love and Care yourself firstly: It is not morally wrong to think just about yourselves and if you are able to do so, you have got a new-year hack because it hurts when you don’t get the gesture of care which you showered on others. If you can’t love yourself then who is going to love you?

    Love and Care yourself first
  8. Don’t make everyone close to heart because it is internet world and anyone can move on easily: Getting connected is easy but getting attached take some balls but if you do this often, it is more likely to hurt you. What a real new-year sign signify is to have this special talent of moving on and not having soft corner for everyone.

    Don’t make anyone close to your heart
  9. Don’t just dream, aim for it: Dream what you want to and work hard. If you dream nothing happen except a waste of time. This year you count down every little achievement you got and join the cards to see the bigger picture. If you have done so far you are ultimately a NEW YEAR person.

    Don;t just dream, aim for it
  10. Don’t neglect people who love you and cares you a lot: Always appreciate ones who stood in the ups and downs, thick and thin, shiny and rainy days of your life. It is rare to see someone that precious, be good with them. And that’s all what a new-year change feels like.

    Don’t neglect people who love you

No year is completely happy. It is always a mixed pudding of varied taste of emotions. It is not just about numbers. It is not about taking a resolution.
It’s all about commitment and bringing change in life by taking tiny-tiny steps.

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I wish you a happy new year!

To your success,
The Penslave.

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