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5 Tips for Students to study in Canada

When Lassi Met Maple Syrup

Lassi= Traditional Drink of Punjab
Maple Syrup= Speciality of Canada

There are certain times when you have to take a leap of faith. And those moments might be a bit of unconventional and totally off-beat. All you have is a positive hope of things getting better, but if they don’t, you take another one until the time you and your boggling mind is satisfied.

I, as you can think of, happened to be the victim of such phenomenon. At first, moving to a different state and now, moving to a different country.


Not going to lie, I have been extremely aggressive and obnoxious lately when it comes to my never-ending education! This time, it was diving the Great Barrier of Masters In engineering at the University of Windsor in Canada. Well,if you are done with your high school and wanna apply for further or higher studies in Canada, I have got plenty of tips for you.


So, to sum up-I am in none other than Canada, a multicultural country which boasts of its special maple syrup as well as being a second home to Punjabis –(Natives of Punjab State of India)

Before moving further, a question arises every now and then about the dense population of Punjabis in Canada  

Here is the reason why they are immensely and densely in love with this place.


Indians started moving to Canada in the early 20th century. They were primarily Sikhs from Punjab and were veterans of the British Army. Both India and Canada were the colonies of the British Empire and after retiring from the British army, many soldiers found that the pension they were getting was smaller as compared to their earning potential in Canada and chose to stay, instead of returning to India. Initially, they had to confront racism, but today they have assimilated within the population and secured prominent positions throughout the political and economic spectrum.


Source: http://globaltree.co.in/blog/Indians-in-Canada-371

Back to Basics


It was just an August evening drenched in drizzle when my mind and heart had a parliament meeting with me about this issue and that was it(I mean, there were many times but this part was significant). It was hard 9-month process of getting the desired result as per need and situation.

‘Post-After college math’ helps you a lot in understanding life equations and solving the variables by choosing a suitable constant. So, moving out process had not been a giant puzzle for me.

Anyways there are things that you gotta start from the scratch. Here are tips for any international students who are planning to study in Canada:


1=> Beware of 3 W’s:

This is something you will hear from everywhere when you come here. The three W’s stands for Work, Weather and Women. Yes, this threesome is not much of awesome as they are unreliable, unpredictable and unsure. You might have to stay jobless for an umpteen time as well as face the mood swings of umm… let’s not even talk about women for now. Because you guys must have assumed all of it. <On the contrary, I have not faced any problem with this species yet giggles>

Beware of 3 W's
Beware of 3 W’s


2=>Make love with your cooker:

Before coming here, it is very essential, I repeat, very essential that you know some basic cooking because only the indigenous food of your own country can satisfy the hunger. Many, many dishes (mainly, Indian) can be cooked in a cooker. Or you can opt a tiffin service which, I mean, is great but still money saved is money earned. So watch out for that also.

The Gateway to Yourself
The Gateway to Yourself
You can love the cars, the nature and the almighty too
You can love the cars, nature and the almighty too
3=> Mingle till you are single:

I am not just talking about love relationships. But while riding a bus, sitting in a park, typing in a room, walking a street or doing anything, make sure to talk and build some connections. Be social. Even if you are introvert, how will you know if the other one is too? Small but productive talk can fetch you good peers, social invitations or maybe a date with an awesome person. Not to forget, don’t forget to include the three magical words in your dictionary-<Nah, it is not “I love pizza”> They are- Sorry, Thank-You and Greetings.

Mingle Till you are Single
You are social in a way that even your introvert mind has no idea.



4=> Be a Global Citizen:

The Earth is revolving not just for you, but for every single living entity in the universe. Be a global citizen and respect every person, no matter how small or big they are to you. Be gentle with every animal too. Just like- I saw a bus driver stopping the bus and trying to navigate a geese family to cross the road and then coming back to his business. Love what you do but not at cost of others and abide by laws every time. At the same time, save resources, avoid wastage and learn to fit in.

Your gestures define you
Your gestures define you


5=> Know the know-how:

Unlike Hollywood movies, the people don’t just drink and party but having a party at night might represent a full family dinner or a barbeque. Using Google maps and basic internet is a must for all or you could be lost in this place and your assignments respectively. Talking about buses, you have to give a request to stop at your destination by pulling a signal cord( It is a rope like a thing hanging around the windows). Need clarity- check the 3rd step of part 3- Riding and Getting Off the bus in this link


Because sky is the limit
Because the sky is the limit
If you can win in mind, then you have already won.
If you can win in mind, then you have already won.


A toast to the future


In the end, I wanna say that “All that shines is not a diamond”. Whatever I am saying must be quite luminous and might give you “ wanna try that” attitude. But it is not so and there are huge hardships that immigrants and their parents have to face. You might have a fancy degree from the fancy college in your country but here you gotta build everything from scratch. Many opt to go back too but there lie a few brave hearts who go out and reach the skies, writing new stories of success and leading happy and joyous life.


A Yawn is a silent scream for coffee
A Yawn is a silent scream for coffee



I know it is kind of long and tedious to read but if you have reached here, then you know it all!

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Till the next time. Ciao.

Wander Diaries 101- Trip to Kodaikanal

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Rejuvenate at the Princess of Hill Station-Koidaikanal



As the final year of college approaches the countdown begins. Your entire college life flashes in front of you—the opportunities you missed, the chances you didn’t take and you fear wasting the little time that is left. You desperately want to make each and every moment count. Such was the time when we decided to go to the princess of hill station- Kodaikanal. For any North Indian who is habitual to Uttrakhand hill station, this name sounds a bit scary. No doubt it doesn’t have winter sports like Manali or rich history like that of Shimla, yet it has everything which can make you fall in love with this wonder.(I am not just talking about the MAGIC MUSHROOMS winks). It truly stands out its meaning which is Gift of Forest in Tamil.

What moves you can move you
A good view, coffee, and a good company are all you need in the hustle bustle of life.

The expedition to this pretty place started from Chennai via a bus. Just after reaching, we head to our hotel- La Flora Highland Paradise Resort booked from booking.com app (It is not a paid post, I am just sharing my experience). After refreshing, lots of talking and getting the know-how of place, we decided to take a cab from the hotel itself. A 3-day wander shit was planned. The view from the hotel was just breathtaking and the place had a mesmerizing aura which one can never forget. Generally, it is recommended to stay at Vattakanal (a village just 3 km away from Kodaikanal) which is cheaper as well as provides a mind-blowing view of nature.


Nature at its best


Listen to what they want to say..sometimes silence has more words.
Feel the wind, kiss the sky and do what people say is beyond their thoughts


Places you can’t miss:
  • Coaker’s Walk: This venue is totally cinematic and we came at peak season time and our tryst with Kodaikanal (Kodai in short) started with this vantage point. You can go there for a long walk with your friends clicking beautiful pictures of landscape and hills. Don’t forget to have sturdy and strong shoes because of long walks.
Entering The Coaker’s Walk…Definitely a Cake Walk *wink*
Picturesque View
You call it a landscape…I call it a reality escape


  •  Pillar Rock: This is a place where you will fall for heights. I mean you will be surprised at watching the amazing serenity of heightened mountain standing straight in the shape of a pillar where clouds and sun played hide and seek which glorified its beauty. Along with that we also visited Guan Caves, Moir point, lake viewpoint and Green Valley(Suicide Point)
Pillar Rock Viewpoint


  • Pine forest: The beautiful Pine trees surrounded area consisted of a forest area. This place was total fun. It had umpteen spots for clicking photos and Instagram boomerang. The soothing chilled weather just added to the flavour.
    We even saw a Bison on the way. They are friendly and don’t attack on roads. The best part was the Maggie point outside the forest where we tasted the Maggie of heaven (It tastes the best in hill stations) and “BHEL-POORI”.
The Pine Forest
This is not happening…


  • Kodai Lake: Now comes the turn of the spot Winding ways up the hills, morning glories peeking with every shade of blue, pink and white and the mist enclosing the undulating hills- that’s the lake I knew
    You can run, sail or even talk to air. This is a paradise for bicycling, boating, fishing and just lazying around. 
Kodai Lake
The mesmerizing view
A walk to remember…
A ride to remember
  • ignore the traffic
    • Berijam Lake: Okay, You have to take forest department’s permission to get an access to go this area. It has a peaceful and serene environment which mesmerize by its ambiance. It is always flooded with tourists of different places and serves as the best stress relieving location.
      Berijam lake
      Don’t forget to Smile for what made you happy
      Cloud out what you need not in life
      The Lake



    • Vattakanal Trek: This was the most entertaining, adventurous and maiden trek of mine on rough mountains. First of all, this place is also called “Little Israel” and hippies island. It is located about 3 km away from Kodai and proudly possesses one of the best cafes- Altaf Café. Now the trek contains various vantage points and a lot of eateries and the best coffee of the world. This place can never disappoint anyone except old aged people and people who are lazy to climb hills.
      The Forest

      Mountain View

      I am nothing without you- Me to filter coffee


    • Dolphin Nose, Echo Point and Difference Rock : Digging deep and going down and down during the Vattakanal Trek, you will be lucky enough and will find these places. Each one is astonishing in its own way and the trees, caves, chasms with the outline of rocks can make you feel out of this world.
      Dolphin Nose
      The more you will se, the more you will fall in love
      Epicness at its height


      Leg day workout
      When you can’t find network, try this trick
      If this doesn’t attract you, just get a new life.
      Go Pro


    • Pambar falls and Lion Cave: This implausible land is another desire come true painting coming magically live in front of your eyes adding a cascading effect to the eyes. This is kind of deep jungle. Though it rained a lot but we managed to record the whole scenery with our eyes at that time.
    Lion Cave


    • Recreation- Ice Skating: All is well when the end is well, we saved the best moment to be enjoyed thoroughly at the end of the trip and this plan was made after a lot of fights and struggle but after this everybody was on cloud 9 and the skating ring just became an unforgettable and impeccable part of our life. This journey is part of the little moment we share and in this moment we are infinity.

      Live the moments and make memories till eternity
    • Solar Observatory: If you are a big bang theory lover then this is something you can’t miss. The huge telescope and fascinating equipment can just blow your mind. The only sad part was that mobile phones were not allowed so could not take pictures but the experience is worth going and you will not regret going there.


    A one-day camping and bonfire are highly recommended.

    Thanks for tuning in.

    I hope this article makes you as high as the magical mushrooms of this place would.
    much love


    10 signs if this year is really your Happy NEW YEAR

    10 Signs If this year is really your HAPPY NEW YEAR

    A new beginning…

    Well yes 2017 has ended up for us on various terms. Some had a terrible breakup while some gonna cherish each glorious days of affair. But there are many who don’t know or are still in queue and wondering if it was worth for what happened or not.

    We still believe in fancy princely charming hush hush fairy tales where you will get money, honey and days which are just sunny. But altogether it is not the destination for which we strive in, it is the journey to that holy-grail which matters.


    Trust me, it either ends up spending unnecessary gym fees or makes you feel more and more single or strengthen the process of quitting drinking and smoking. Think each day as a 1st of Jan, make more and more short term goals. Hustle for it, strive for it until you achieve 1% of it. Rest 99% will come automatically. I have been there and you can check my 1st blog on new year resolution. 

    I hope till now you will be fed up with new-year wishes and copy paste messages of greeting and welcoming the following year. (Well, It’s just that 7 gonna be replaced by 8 and everything remains the same) What really matters if you (yes, you!) have changed and felt certain transformations which define you. This article is especially for millennials. Presenting you the various signs which showed that it is definitely a Happy New Year:

    1. Reduce Over-thinking: This is the best lesson one can learn but not many are able to crack the code to merry life. I know it is tough to stop it but if you are able to control your overthinking stratum, then you definitely can celebrate your new year as now you can avoid many problems and complexities of relationships.

      Reduce overthinking
    2. All friends are not real friends: Yes definitely, this sounds cliché but time and again, many people get trapped in web of mock friendship. If you have brought the change, you may know that not every entry of friend is a blessing and many just come to use you. Managing your Real-friend list is essential.

      All friends are not real friends
    3. Love is permanent but not the person: Today in grimace world of social media and of course overpopulation, we see, meet and even follow new faces with whom we start making Tuscani wedding plans but what we really forget here is that real love is what comes from parents. We should cherish and respect them and their decisions for us. Here, my friend you have achieved a legit new year.

      Love is permanent but not the person
    4. Don’t wait for anything, work for it: Success is not a commodity. It won’t come to you directly, you have to work it out and plan for it. Make necessary short term goals, be specific and it will kiss your cheeks. Gone are the days of day-dreaming. And hell yes, if done with it then you have unlocked another New Year milestone.

      Don’t wait for anything, work for it
    5. Manipulate your addiction: To fly in sky, you have to learn to play with the wind. Excess of anything is wrong, but using it productively can help you out. There is nothing wrong in being old-school, enhance your creativity. Reduce your mobile phone usage. Take vacations and feel the peace. That’s what a New Year sign look like.

      Manipulate your Addiction
    6. Fewer people, more happy. More people, more bullshit: Grass always remains greener on the opposite side. Partying with many friends can never replace the moment of messing in trouble with few friends. That’s what no one can deny as filtering people and friends in life helps you stay away from higher negativity and brings out the creative version of you.

      Fewer people more happy
    7. Love and Care yourself firstly: It is not morally wrong to think just about yourselves and if you are able to do so, you have got a new-year hack because it hurts when you don’t get the gesture of care which you showered on others. If you can’t love yourself then who is going to love you?

      Love and Care yourself first
    8. Don’t make everyone close to heart because it is internet world and anyone can move on easily: Getting connected is easy but getting attached take some balls but if you do this often, it is more likely to hurt you. What a real new-year sign signify is to have this special talent of moving on and not having soft corner for everyone.

      Don’t make anyone close to your heart
    9. Don’t just dream, aim for it: Dream what you want to and work hard. If you dream nothing happen except a waste of time. This year you count down every little achievement you got and join the cards to see the bigger picture. If you have done so far you are ultimately a NEW YEAR person.

      Don;t just dream, aim for it
    10. Don’t neglect people who love you and cares you a lot: Always appreciate ones who stood in the ups and downs, thick and thin, shiny and rainy days of your life. It is rare to see someone that precious, be good with them. And that’s all what a new-year change feels like.

      Don’t neglect people who love you

    No year is completely happy. It is always a mixed pudding of varied taste of emotions. It is not just about numbers. It is not about taking a resolution.
    It’s all about commitment and bringing change in life by taking tiny-tiny steps.

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    Thanks for tuning in.
    I wish you a happy new year!

    To your success,
    The Penslave.

    Graduation Serendipity Returns- Another Goodbye Ode

    Graduation Serendipity returns- Another Goodbye Ode

    Hey there grads, finally it’s done and dusted.

    The harrowing, incomplete transaction has been made.
    A scenario of communion had taken place.
    A rebonding of soulmates we made in 4 years had just happened & I really want to congratulate all of you who were there, not there as well as those who were not able to get it. Whatever be the position, you all are close to my heart and part of this beautiful endeavour.

    Graduation Serendipity Part 2 Blog

    Many of you came while many cherished spirits were missed. All and all, it was a moment of reliving the past, reviving the dead and incarnation of a new start. The so-called CONVOCATION- it’s just for the name, but for us, it was a Reunion- may be the last meeting.

    I had lived a very Ambivert life from a life full of Bromantic drama (Yes, I am from the mechanical branch ) to a Swaggy Casanova (Still, I am from the Mechanical branch). But the journey was a bit what made me realize who I have become from a “No one” to the so-called “Degree Holder.” Everybody explains the whole series in their own way and criteria which has really made the words come out and speak a story about themselves.

    Everyone came, hugged, drank pint and pints of beer, met loved ones, stayed and booked in outer places, some lived with their juniors. All connections were worked out again, the smoke of cigarette was no more harmful to lungs. The whiskey was no more a foe of the liver. The hearts were beating in slow motion whose each hertz of sound was saying something. Dipping toes into adulthood was the least we wanted in our lives. Just the alcohol and deep talks were all we sought. A break and a pause button were all we sought.

    A glimpse of my social media freak friends who showed their rants and emotions on various social media sites and posts:

    Some expressed their wit-bits and feelings using pen (text) and their hearts.


    @Paras Garg


    @Prachi Jain

    Some bursted into tears of happiness and re-explored the moments of adulthood cherishing each others company.

    @Sreya Sreenivas


    @Oyeli Bagchi

    Some left their imprints in the aura pollinating the moments from old memories to the new ones.

    @Humsheer Sandhu

    Few celebrated their years of friendship and cheers on little things which have now become big things.

    @PranaySingh Bhasin


    @Shashwat Jain


    @Vivek Jha


    @Amar Mishra

    Sometimes words speak more than actions and this pic says and slays it all.

    @Ashutosh Kumar


    @Divyajeet Singh


    @Mayank Aggarwal
    @Navneet Bhardawaj


    @Sukanya Banerjee


    @Manali Ghosh
    @Elga Morrison

    The one thing that is merrier than this day is seeing your family happy because of your accomplishments…
    Some relationships can’t be just described with words. These just exist in our little infinity and beautiful basket of moments. The best feeling in the world is when your sibling is happy because you are happy and that is best tonic you can get.

    @Munna Bhargav

    Problem shared is problem halved while happiness shared is happiness doubled and such is the epic togetherness of a mother and a son. What we are, what we can become is what our parents prepare us for and this piece of picture of Mumma-Beta in the cake of graduation is the most delicious one.


    @Kartik Mittal

    All in all more than graduation, it is the experience that stays, it is the friendship we nurture, It is the love and bond we create which stays forever and ever. Let the plethora of rubber bands attach all these souls once and for all as you are now a part of me bewildering into the maze of emotions.

    All of you have shaped and casted me in many ways. Some of you are going to be at my wedding. Some of you are gonna be godparents or even God grandparents of my children. Some of you will fade away from my life slowly and slowly not because you want it but because life will get in the way. Some of you, I will never see again after I walk away from this place.

    But all of you have left a mark on me.

    Now I don’t feel regret that you happened, I don’t feel that I have any complaints about my life, I don’t feel bad about my second family-my support system. The Chai (tea), the long talks, the chitter-chatter, the coffee, the mimicry of teachers and the insanity of hostels- we have it all, we have it in our memories, we have it in our own little memory jar of infinity. You guys are the best accident that occurred to me-a pure serendipity.

    Thanks for tuning in!

    Check out Graduation Serendipity part 1 Blog!

    Pic Source: Instagram and Facebook

    11 Heart Touching Quotes By Guru Nanak Dev Ji which can make your complex life easier

    • Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai

    Charhe So Uttare Paar

    (O Nanak, the name of Waheguru is like a ship
    which will take you to your salvation.)

    This statement is more than just a few words strung together. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism and the first of the 10 Sikh Gurus, lived an eventful life full of wisdom and spiritual adventure. His works (registered as 974 hymns in the holy texts of the Guru Granth Sahib) has the power of fulfilling what you believe and brings out the perfect version of yourself. The quotes have a spell-bound effect and can help you understand the complexity of life way easier.

    Here are some of the famous quotes on equality, fraternal love, goodness stated by the Guru.

    Watch this on Youtiube: 11 heart Touching Quotes By Guru Nanak Dev Ji





    Thanks for tuning in.

    My First Virtual Achievement| Liebster Award|


    In the world beyond; where fairy tales are true and your achievement is just your achievement and not other’s loss, also known as “blogosphere”,  lies a beautiful networking and bond building award called “LIEBSTER AWARD.”

    It’s an honor to announce this great news to all of my avid readers. By the way Liebster, in German means “Dearest” and getting this mesmerizing term to our blog site gives it a homely, warm and ecstasy feeling. The person I really admire and want to thank is SONIYA AGGARWAL, proud owner of Telling Unsaid .She is a wonderful lifestyle blogger and you can find many witty blogs related to relationships goals, issues, experiences, etc. Sharing is Caring after all! This is the quote of life she adheres to.

    Not only this but whatever she writes, or types(here, in case), she just puts her heart and soul into it and her blog site is a breathtaking evidence of it. In the recent blog about friendship, she took the world in a different dimension and made us realize that how much important is to have peers in our life. you can check this POST here.


    What is it?

    Coming back to the niche, “Liebster Award 2017”- It is a virtual award which is passed on to a blogger to other bloggers. The basic idea is to build connections and appreciate the beauty of networking. Of course, it also helps to promote the blogger community. This is a “Global Aussie Liebster Award” which exists only on the internet which is given to a blogger by other follower bloggers. It was started in 2011 and has gained attention from all over the world. Wow! sounds fascinating, right?

    Liebster Blog<3

    You have to answer few questions about yourself and prove your selfless love to the Blogging world through your words. To spread this buttery love, you have to nominate other bloggers who just jam in your mind and heart or in other words, selecting the deserving bloggers through your posts or thread posts.

    Click here to know more about The Global Aussie Liebster Award 2017 and bust the jargons.


    About Me:)

    Well, here is a snippet info about me so that we can glue this beautiful bond and connect with each other as “Liebster<3”. {About Me}

    1. My name is Harminder Singh-a 22 years old B. Tech Mechanical & a professional procrastinator who has fallen in love with words and poetry.

    2. I am a self-diagnosed bibliophile and cinephile sapiosexual who loves art in every form.

    3. My obsession quenches my thirst to write and travel (even if it’s from my bed to the couch).

    4. My goals are to fill my bio with titles that don’t fit the 150 characters’ limit.

    5. Traveler, story-teller, comedian(because my mom says so ), content writer, video editor and social media marketer and many more adjectives will define me one day. So far, I have checked blogger off the list.

    6. You can find me binge watching Ted talks on YouTube or my nose buried deep in the world of fiction and comedy.

    7. I am a social media addict person and don’t miss a chance to talk to anyone.

    8. I am quite famous or notorious (you can say) for stretching conversations {*winks*}

    9. I am very bad with remembering names. (Something I think which can bring shame to my family…..hahaha just Kidding, It’s just with someone I meet quite frequently and suddenly stop meeting. But I am good with remembering faces though.

    10. Want to talk about tv series like Game of Thrones, How I met your mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sherlock, Narcos, and dozens of other sitcoms? Or maybe you want someone to listen to you?

    You can definitely ping me!



    So here are the answers to the question asked by Soniya Aggarwal, my confidant nominator:


    1. What made you a blogger?

    It was a happy accident, I guess. I have never liked reading or writing but it was a random expression of writing which I started on Facebook for wishing my relatives and friends on their bdays. From that moment only, the storm of writing grew and became a hurricane. The mind-boggling addiction of writing made me research for days and nights about blogging. I saw like zillion videos on youtube and that gave me a boost to develop this hobby as a something bigger.

    2. An Ice-Cream; on a Summer or a Winter Day? And Why?

    An ice cream is constant -Be it summer or winters. But yes, eating in winters sounds quite adventurous to me. So I would go for Winters if it is a do-die situation.

    3. What part of this world do you Wish to Travel at first in your future? And Why?

    Travelling is the adrenaline rush to my body and will always love to go to all types of places be it- Plains, village, mountains, desert and what not. But so far Budapest, Hungary is on my bucket list followed by Munar, India. The reason being that they have an enchanting location and the natural and man-made beauty of these places are more than what words can depict.

    4. A New Life / Birth is also an End. How?

    Okay, this quite a bit mature question for me but yes I do agree with this statement as every action has an equal and opposite reaction and I believe that a new life is an end and vice versa is there too. Sometimes, if you adopt new habits, you regardless of any situation have to quit your bad habits and only in this way your “Karma”  will balance out.

    5. What quality in you, you feel, got you Nominated for this Award??

    Umm, First of all, It’s the most exciting moment of my life. Trust me, I am on the seventh sky, cloud 9 and maybe in a new galaxy of ecstasy and  I think that my dedication and love for writing made me capable of getting nominated for the award. Or maybe It’s because of the fancy name of my website….lol

    6.  A Blessing! Mention any five kinds of blessings we generally pray for “others”.

    Blessings mean getting favour from “Rabb” or God and a prayer is an act of faith. We generally pray for “good health, prosperity, sound financial support, lovable or “liebster” life- partner and happiness” for others.

    7. What do you prefer? A Four-wheeler or a Two-wheeler on a Rainy / Cold day? And Why?

    A Two-wheeler on a Rainy day, call me crazy but I like rains and doing rain dance even more. I as well as my sister never miss a chance to play in rain since a young age and we sometimes throw buckets of water on each other, play and tease each other in every way we can.

    8. Share that one situation when you would do anything but, Write?
    Aah….there are numerous ones. See, after when my storm of writing became a hurricane, I started writing journals/diaries of how I feel. The best and saddest moments of life to be recorded in it.  So, in times of going out a different place, meeting new people and doing some adventurous activity would make me go insane until I don’t write them in some special place other than memories.

    9. An Apartment or a 5-Star Holiday on a Vacation?

    A good company and an amazing experience of the vacation is more important than living in a 5-star. So, apartments go best for me. But it does not mean that I hate 5 Stars.

    10. Wooah! Share an Experience which made you felt like this. (A Banana ride in Goa (India) made me feel like this, considering “deep water” is my biggest fear)?
    Yes, conquering fears gives a swish to your life and it is indeed an important phase of life. It was a few years back when I went to Manali, India and performed various adventure sports activities like River rafting, River crossing on a belt and many more but the time I went for Paragliding, the fear of height just made me realize how coward I was. However, after some time, I started feeling like a bird and the Acrophobia was gone for that moment and that was the time I felt Wooah!

    11. Did you google anything to frame any of your answers for the questions given above? If Yes, for which question and Why?

    This question is fun. But I will be honest and admit that every blog needs deep research and hit & trial experiments because no one is perfect. And I know that you, too are a big fan of google but having said that I just took out necessary details of Liebster award and just the 6th question related to blessing, as I was short of words( I know, it sounds easy but thinking about it took me a while so I decided  to google & write…still I gave it my own flavour.


    Presenting the NOMINEES

    Moving forward to my further Nominations for this Award… Since, I already mentioned that you get to “pass it on” and “share the love”, below are the Blogs / Bloggers I nominate for this Award:

    1. https://fppromise.wordpress.com/ -(Precious Oluwafayegbami Adekunjo)
    2. http://engineerontour.com/blog/- (Alexander Popkov )
    3. http://beautyfromburnttoast.com/ -(Meaghan McCann Dawson)
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    Wander Diaries 101- Trip to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala

    Trip to Dharamshala-Mcleodganj: amidst the enchanting estate of deodar

    If we are meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of feet
    -Rachel Wolchin

    Travel as they say is best remedy to all negativity of the world. One of such a marvelous place where I went with my family was Dharamshala and Mcleodganj.

    Mcleodganj is a hill station inhibited by numerous Tibetans at the foot of Dhauladhar range. It is also home to the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader- Dalai Lama. South of this place lies Dharamshala which is famous for its serenity, singing monsoon and friendly Deodar trees. These two places have got one of the most enchanting experience for people of any age.

    Here is a little glimpse of this biblical place

    So our pleasant journey started with the song Despacito (Just kidding, My family would kill me for it). So, it actually started from city of love and affection- Moga, my hometown and through the dusty roads of Hoshiarpur, We [My Mother, father, sis, grandma and well, of  course, me] managed to reach the place in 7 Tic-Tic hours and stopped at a place called- Bombay Picnic Spot at Chintapurani Road, Himachal Pradesh. A beautiful and reasonable price restaurant cum park. We had our breakfast here and head to the curious land of Mcleodganj.

    Place where we stayed

    Before that, we went to our room. (We stayed at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports also known as Mountaineering Institute). The place was huge but quite old. It was like living in a museum. Its cost starts from Rs 500 per day (Yes, you read it right; it was this cheap) and the room could accommodate all the 5 of us. The only drawback was its location and its “Kaccha” route.

    So, when we landed this mini China (because of sporadic Tibetan population), Dalai Lama temple was the first place of our visit. This place is a quaint paradise, where every corner tells a story, where you could time your every step to the musical chants of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, and where the scent of incense lingered in even the dankest gullies, exists. The serenity and peace of this place are ineffable.

    The next stop on our list was “Bagsunath Temple”. This place is quite famous for waterfall and “Shiva Café”. I did not get a chance to go there because it was quite far to walk and my grandma bear would have been exhausted.

    The first spot

    There is a lot of facilities of the taxi (a bit expensive but have to be used for some steep hilly areas. The city center square known as Jogiwara road proudly boasts of Mcloo café, rooftop restaurants and Maggie-Tea shops & through it, we went to Kangra Museum and Kaleshwar Mahadev temple in Kangra.

    Picturesque view outside Kangara Museum

    The trip would have been incomplete if we have not gone to “THE TEA GARDEN”. Yes, you hear it right, these are not just any garden. These are some magical fields which gives you a total Bollywood feel. It is the best place to pose and get clicked like a superstar. Dazzling lights and the greenery adds to the picturesque like colors do to the black and white. There are lot of Tibetan cafes and MOMO stalls.

    Posers at their insane level
    Beauty at its peak

    As per research, there is also martyr’s memorial which is quite famous for its bridge and reflects a War memorial displaying names of soldiers in a natural setting surrounded by tall trees & gardens. Papa (my father) had a lot of memories with this place as his wild school trip endeavors and a reminder of friendship and it was really worth watch site. We made a lot of Insta boomerang videos and clicked like a dozen of pictures in this place.

    The War Memorial bridge

    Now It would be a shame if I don’t talk about the one and only famous HPCA Stadium. It is one of the most breathtaking cricket venues. The snow cladding behind the stadium was just mesmerizing. It might look small but is worth a watch.

    Heaven of Cricket Stadium- HPCA Stadium

    Now comes the turn of Namgyal Monastery whose beauty is worth more than words can just say. The best place to meditate, enjoy the scenery, seek silence and what not. The exile government here is making endless efforts to attract all tourists from in and around the world. It is so beautiful that I would recommend it even to aliens if I ever get a chance to meet them. It is a marvelous place and must add to your Bucket List.

    Namgyal Monastery

    Talking about monasteries let me introduce you to the Norbulingka Institute, founded in 1988 by Kelsang and Kim Yeshi at Sidhpur, near Dharamshala, India, is dedicated to the preservation of the Tibetan culture in its literary and artistic forms. Amazing architecture, built in a beautiful lap of nature is one such a place which can woo your heart and soul. All you could wish would be to stay forever here. They teach students the Tibetan art form free of cost to people coming from different parts of the world.

    Norbulingka Institute

    Little did we know that with each minute, we got attached to this place and in our heart and mind leaving it was going to be a painful process.
    Having said that It was a 3 day journey and we had the most beautiful sleeps in the world at this “Little Lhasa”.

    The journey continued and we visited Dal lake as well as Naddi point and St. John church in the wilderness which are common tourist points. Selfies are must at these places ( an eye wink ;-))

    Dal lake and Naddi Point

    This place is for the ones who can visit with friends, those who like to make new friends and those who like to trip solo.

    Thanks for Tuning In!
    To conclude

    Thank you for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

    Graduation Serendipity-Goodbye to all soulmates you found in last four years

    A Pic Of Friends

    Farewell, Adieu, Sayonara, Alvida & Adios- All these words have the same meaning- Goodbye for the last time, but these are not just words, these are the emotions, these are the feelings from which no one can run away.

    The most sentimental place on earth for any graduate student will be a railway station or an airport because this is the place from where you leave your college or move on to a next destination. You are all going to dip your toes into adulthood, real adulthood, and this separation is part of it. We’re not going to live five-person flat anymore where empty bottles of alcohol proudly line up the walls of the balcony and mismatched furniture sits happily together in our second family rooms- our little messy, hectic, chaotic yet beautiful room.

    Some of you are going to be in my wedding. Some of you are gonna be godparents or even God grandparents of my children. Some of you will fade away from my life slowly and slowly not because you want it but because life will get in the way. Some of you, I will never see again after I walk away from this place.

    But all of you have left a mark on me.

    -Kim Quindlen(ThoughtCatalog.com)

    I can’t  have all of you, still when all of this is over. I wish I could, but I can’t. Because never again will life be this easy, this smooth & this effortless. Never again I will be surrounded by you, my second family, my support system- I regret that I could not meet you better, I could not know you better, I could not spend time better while your doors were a few feet or a couple blocks away from my own. Gone are those days when we used to complete the work before 1 hour, sitting on chairs, talking all night, chugging coffee and feeling comforted as we prepare for our exams or type our assignments because we feel each other’s warm presence just an inch away.

    We were never alone. we couldn’t have been even if we tried.

    But soon we all will be heading to different directions. Soon we will be residing in some other part where we would have to adjust to the rough smack of quietness that hits us each time we walk in the door after work. It will be the first time that the silence will be horribly loud. We will work out plans to meet up for happy hours on Friday nights or even fix dates to meet in particular month. It will seem easy and fun at first. We will feel grown up and make our way through busy schedules and travelling weekends.

    But as it always does, life will come in the way and these visits will become rare and rare, the meet-ups more sporadic. Our lives will be filled with new relatives, friends and family. New routines, new hangouts and whatnot will come into being. All we could do to connect will be tagging each other on various memes and FB posts to remember that we were something. These candid moments will bring a smile on face and again we will tend to meet up. Things gonna change and that’s okay. You can’t stay in the same bubble, hidden away from all the very things for which we came here to learn about. We have to move on. We have to grow up. We have to work out this friendship in new circumstances because things are always going to change.

    What I will remember from this place is that it will hurt because of you. It will hurt because you brought me such joy, laugh, gags and pure happiness. You taught me lessons even you don’t know you taught me. You are part of the reason that I am a different person today than I was before four years ago when I arrived here.

    If we ever come back to this place again, it won’t be the same. There will be eventually new buildings, canteens, sidewalks and food joints.  But most of all there will be new energy that we won’t recognise. The place we knew before will only exist in our mind. But what remains immortal will be our moments and experiences because when it exists as a memory, a connection, an energy between you and I, it is safe from upgrades, construction, weather damage, people and anything that will try to alter it.

    The four years we spent together, between us,  no matter what happens, will always be here. That’s the safest home these moments could ever have.  And in this moment we are infinite.